Meet the builder

Noble Ridge is lead by Jason Wojtacha who has over 25 years of experience in custom construction services and development. Jason infuses Noble Ridge with knowledge and skills to guide every client through what can be a confusing, overwhelming adventure. Custom construction offers unique freedoms that only a few builders understand how to help you harness, and not all builders have set their business up to prepare you for it.

As a second generation home builder and with his construction experience dating back to his early teens working with his father, Jason learned not only the many technical aspects of home building first hand, but he has also grown up in an ever evolving industry.

This solid base of knowledge has given him the insight to seamlessly orchestrate the various trades and disciplines that come together in the assembly of your construction project.


At Noble Ridge our mission is to provide an honest, clear, open approach to construction services and truly become a facilitator to each client.

We want to meet your expectations on every project.

Our business model is designed to give the client the whole picture with the ability to clearly see and understand the costs of their project.

Custom Home Building

Its not a template or choices in a floor plan scenarios. It is taking your unique desires and providing you the opportunity to tailor your custom project to your desire theme. Our work is an art and we love it. Custom construction requires only the most qualified trades in our region to give our clients the best workmanship. We take on all styles of homes, so bring us your plans to bid! We would love to show you what we can do!

This is what we specialize in and are set up to do so. We take pride in providing a clean workable site. We can work with your architect or designer, or we can direct you to one that fits your needs. Almost always a drawing is necessary to obtain proper permits and also necessary to achieve the desired intent and accurate pricing.

If you are looking for a lot, we can put you in touch with one of the many professionals in our network who will do the leg work for you, and we are there to offer our insight before you buy.


Having the right contractor from the very beginning with the technical knowledge and experience to relay and set up the expectations correctly becomes a positive outcome. At Noble Ridge, we have that experience and knowledge.

Again, our concern is eliminating the complications within your remodeling endeavor at the best price possible.

Signature Series Homes

Occasionally, we will offer what we call our "Signature Series Homes" to the Market. These are high quality homes that incorporate many of the qualities and components our clients choose for custom building and are well above the "builder grade" you will find 90% of the homes on the market will offer. Our goal is to inspire good design and quality and let people see what the next level looks like. These homes are high character homes that you won't get from any other developer. Sometimes they are offered as presales which we are sure will be well worth the wait while it is built. But sometimes we will offer up a finished project. Just check in our Projects tab for availability and status as well as see the other projects we have in progress!

These homes are typically predesigned for a specific lot, but if you like a style that we offer, let us take it to your lot!